We provide turnkey building envelopes for bespoke and complex projects, including skylights, retractable roofs, solar façade enclosures, and free form steel. We have a core team of designers, engineers, and project managers who collaborate with international architects, developers, and manufacturers to ensure a project is designed, engineered and executed on time and with precision.


In addition to our team of in-house façade designers and engineers, we have selected global partners who can provide solutions based on the design requirements of architects, consultants, and developers, rather than adjusting the requirements based on the local market's availability and technical limitations.


With the support of our international partners, we strive to provide the most optimal solution to the most challenging design problems associated with the external envelope. Bringing an architectural concept to life is made possible by selecting a partner whose expertise is most suitable for the project at hand.


By leveraging our global partner network, we provide cost-effective and technologically superior alternatives to locally designed, engineered, and produced building envelope solutions. Our choice of partner depends on the needs of the project, to ensure the client is provided with the best solution.


Prefabricated building envelope materials are delivered directly to the site from the factory of our selected partner. Our operations and installation team oversees and manages the erection of the solution.

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We keep extensive and deep relationships with leading global manufacturers and suppliers of building materials.

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